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Dear Patient

Many thanks for agreeing to take this short survey to help our practice understand how best to provide you with the latest healthcare information.

Please tick one or more of the answers to the questions and click 'Send Survey' when you are done.

1. How do you currently look for healthcare information.


2. How would you wish to receive healthcare information


3. When in the practice what information would you like to see displayed on the electronic boards? (please tick all that are appropriate)


4. Following a diagnosis on conditions how would you best like to receive support?


5. How up to date do you feel about changes at the practice?. This applies if you have not been into the practice in the last 6 months. (please tick all that are applicable)


6. At St Martin's Gate we have always liked to give our patients choice in how they receive their healthcare. Your Practice has recenlty set up a Patient Participation Group with an aim to help continue to improve healthcare services in your community. With this in mind would you like to have a say in how we can best look after you in the future?


If Yes please provide us with your details and someone will contact you regarding the Patient Participation Group.

This survey is now closed