practice level patient access questionnaire

This short Survey is designed to help us understand the routine appointment needs of our local population and help us to deliver the right services to our patients. Therefore, if you can spare a few minutes, we would appreciate it if you would complete this questionnaire. The feedback you give will help to develop a service that best meets the needs of our communities.

All responses will be anonymous, and we thank you for your valued feedback.

When was you last telephone call or face to face appointment at your practice?


Would you like to have the option to attend a routine appointment outside of normal surgery hours (normal hours 8am-6.30pm). Such as hours between 6.30pm - 8.30pm?


Would you prefer to see a health care professional (e.g. A doctor, nurse, pharmacist, health care assistant) for a routine appointment on a Saturday?


If yes, which of these times would be more convenient?


Would you prefer to see a health care professional for a routine appointment on a Sunday instead of a Saturday?


Which of the following appointment types would you be willing to use?


To make sure we cater for a wide range of patients, Please tell us a little bit about yourself..


What is your gender?


What is your ethnicity?


Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?


How do you travel to your registered GP surgery? (please tick all that apply)