Dear Patient,

Many thanks for agreeing to take this short survey to help our practice understand how our appointment system can be improved, if at all.

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Q1. How easy do you find it to get through to the practice by telephone?


Q2. At your last GP appointment was the healthcare professional you saw or spoke to good at listening to you?


Q3. Did you feel your needs were met during your last appointment?


Q4. How would you describe your overall experience of this GP practice?


Q5. During your las practice appointment, were you involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about your care and treatmen?


Q6. During your last practice appointment, did you have confidence and trust in the healthcare professional you saw or spoke to ?


Please supply any comments, questions or suggestions about our services or how to improve them?

To help us analyse your answers please tell us a few things about yourself:

Are you male or female?


What age are you?


What is the ethnic background with which you most identify?


How would you describe how often you come to the practice?


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