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Portsdown Group Patient Survey

Which surgery are you registered at?


Please tick the box which best describes your experience


If you visited the surgery, did you feel safe?


If you did NOT use our services , please tell us the reason why (choose as many reasons as describe your experience)


If you DID use our services, are you happy with the service you received?


If you answered 'No' to the previous question, please tell us why

Due to coronavirus we have had to make changes to the services we offer. Given that face to face appointments were not recommended, do you feel that we have offered different methods of appointments to enable you to access healthcare?


Which of the new consultation and communication methods would you like to keep for the future? Tick all that apply:


What is the one thing about the recent changes to our services which you think works well and we should change permanently?

There has been an increase in using online or video and telephone appointments for our services. We want to know what you think about using more online and telephone services, where possible, in the future. Which of the following statements do you agree with ? (choose as many as you like) Online or telephone appointments are more convenient for patients than face to face appointments


I feel confident using online video technology for some health appointments


Replacing face to face with online or telephone appointments protects staff and patients from infection


Online or telephone appointments can be more convenient for patients


I am concerned about privacy and that some people will not have a safe space to connect to health appointments at home


Did you use our online services (prescription requesting, appointment booking, record viewing, eConsult) before lockdown began?


If you answered 'No' to the previous question, do you use online services now or plan to in the future?


Please tell us a little about yourself or the person you are filling in this survey for What age are you/they?


Are you/they?


Have you, or a person in your household, been shielding, following a letter or text message advising you to isolate at home for 12 weeks?


Have you, or the person you are filling in this survey for, ever served in the UK Armed Forces, including regular and reserve units? If yes, then we will add you to our veterans register.


Are you a carer for a family member, friend or neighbour?


Do you have any comments about our services during this unprecedented time?

This survey is now closed