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I’ve also been treated well with my best interests at the forefront of any plan
- Anonymous on 02/08/2018
- Anonymous on 12/06/2018
Excellent service. Very professional and helpful staff (receptionists, secretaries, doctors and nurses). Seems a very caring practice with superb staff!
- Anonymous on 26/05/2018
The Surgery is fantastic, all staff are helpful and knowledgeable Thank you
- Anonymous on 08/03/2018
having had a long history of mental heath issues I have always found that my gp at this surgery has been honest & treated me with respect & kindness & the same applies to the nurses who have patched me up when i have hurt myself & dressed my wounds until healed. They have listened when i have been able to talk & read stuff i have written when i have been too much of a mess to speak they have tried to take on board what scares me & negotiated a plans of how to get through the times when I am crazy. And this has meant that over time i have be able to trust them & know even when i am crazy that they want to help me & will do all that they possibly can to try to help me find a way forward & remind me that this will pass & i do have times when I feel better. They remind me i am doing really well & even though there are times when I feel so bleak I can't see my way ahead I am slowly step by tiny step making progress towards who i want to be. Basically all the staff i have seen here including the receptionists have listened & been kind & respectful & tried to find a way to help I can't praise them enough!
- Anonymous on 04/03/2018