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Pleased to get a last minute appointment for my 6 year old with GP on a Saturday. HOWEVER recent experience during first over 40s NHS check - it felt very unprofessional and definitely rushed and little explanation of what was being requested or what would happen. I work in the NHS and knew what to expect and the implications behind the questions but would feel sorry for an non health professional to be bombarded with these questions. I was astonished at the HCA's attitutude This included "are you sure you want to say 'no' to regular exercise... It's going to ask you lots more questions now?" And telling me how she had not had any lunch and was really rushed. The HCA also took a personal mobile phone call during the session which was unbelievable. Also my husband had a recent poor experience for assessment of dizzy spells which needed up with a tortuous route to cardiology at the end of last year. Generally try to avoid coming here unless I have to.
- Anonymous on 05/06/2015