Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 34
Likely 9
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
Unlikely 4
Extremely Unlikely 7
Don't Know 0

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Excellent surgery. All the staff are great
- Anonymous on 04/06/2015
Professional, helpful and friendly staff, both medical and receptionists. ABle to get appointments within a reasonable time and on the same day when needed. Have been with the surgery for almost two years and are very satisfied so far.
- Anonymous on 14/05/2015
I m very pleased with the majority of the staff.
- Anonymous on 07/05/2015
The receptionists go out of their way to accommodate any problems regarding prescriptions. They were fantastic today and extremely efficient in sorting out some emergency medication. I couldn't thank them enough.
- Anonymous on 14/04/2015
I have always been able to receive an appointment relatively quickly providing I was happy to see any of the doctors. I recently needed an emergency appointment and after explaining my symptoms, received an appointment that day. The receptionists are friendly and helpful. I order my prescriptions online and collect them 2 days later. I find this system works really well.
- Anonymous on 05/04/2015