Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 399
Likely 243
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 28
Unlikely 126
Extremely Unlikely 51
Don't Know 90

What you had to tell us

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Good medics , thorough and caring
- Anonymous on 11/12/2019
I would like to thank all the staff that supported my Mum through her terminal illness. and a special thank you to Dr Mistry who worked late to carry put a home visit. It was a pleasure to have you all supporting the family through this very difficult time.
- Anonymous on 09/08/2019
Apart from the fact it’s difficult to make an appointment to see a specific doctor I find the practice to be extremely good. The online appointment system rarely has any bookable appointments available so you still have to call the surgery and take pot luck as to which doctor you see.
- Anonymous on 06/04/2018
Because the practise has improved a lot in the past year
- Anonymous on 19/06/2015
local, good appt system, nice staff
- Anonymous on 22/01/2015