Family and Friends Test From December 2014 - Results

Extremely Likely 288
Likely 211
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 10
Unlikely 14
Extremely Unlikely 56
Don't Know 2

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Nursing staff always very helpful. Sometimes find the receptionist to be abrupt and messages don't always seem to get passed through to GPs or Nurses
- Anonymous on 05/07/2018
As someone who works full time, I find it very difficult to get an appointment outside of working hours. The phones are constantly engaged and when you do get through there never seems to be any available appointments
- Anonymous on 21/05/2018
The split waiting areas is very confusing for some patient. One time the screen wasn’t on upstairs and a patient missed their appointment through no fault of their own. I informed the reception whom rectified the situation. What if you can’t hear or read. For a new patient it’s sensory overload and very confusing. I was shocked to be informed one of the GP chooses to not engage with any women that may require gynaecology treatment or advice. So tell me how that covers your duty as first line care or responders for safeguarding or supporting a patient that may have issues surrounding their health?
- Anonymous on 16/03/2018
The service is under pressure as it says in the newspaper but they are very friendly and the doctors seem to care
- Anonymous on 19/01/2018
Very clean and modern practice. Good doctors and helpful staff
- Anonymous on 12/01/2018