Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 665
Likely 12
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 1
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 1
Don't Know 1

What you had to tell us

We asked... "If we could change one thing about your care or treatment to improve your experience, what would it be?"

Care Good.
- Anonymous on 13/05/2019
Excellent in all aspects of this surgery, Thank you to you all.
- Anonymous on 12/05/2019
Very pleased with the dispensary service.
- Anonymous on 09/05/2019
I am amazed and gratified that i was able to get a next day appointment.
- Anonymous on 09/05/2019
Keep it as it is. It is very difficult to improve on perfection. It is a wonderful service the whole staff provide.
- Anonymous on 26/04/2019