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Extremely Likely 12
Likely 11
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 5
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 18
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Prescription never right always some missing and late. Always sending to wrong pharmacy.
- Anonymous on 27/03/2015
You either get good service or bad service. It varies.
- Anonymous on 27/03/2015
Very good appointment. Thanks.
- Anonymous on 27/03/2015
Dr Roplekar was very helpful, listened, and a management plan was made together.
- Anonymous on 27/03/2015
Very helpful staff with appointments easy to obtain when you follow the guidelines for booking. Only draw back is Dr Roplekar is rude and snappy, I no longer book appointments with him due to his lack of people skills. Last time I saw him he was impatient and rude about me not being fast at taking my socks off. I have arthritis in my spine as well as a spinal injury - all in my notes and the very reason for my appointment. It was humiliating and not necessary. Reception staff, nurses and other Drs all very nice and helpful. I always feel respected and treated with compassion when attending appointments.
- Anonymous on 22/02/2015