Friends and Family Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 484
Likely 118
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 40
Unlikely 28
Extremely Unlikely 49
Don't Know 10

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Trying to get an appt by phone 8am is not easy. Usually No 10/12 in queue. Not acceptable when feeling unwell. Also, in Reception, always a queue of People waiting. Receptionist very BUSY, needs two on Desk
- Anonymous on 02/11/2018
Try ringing GP surgery to book an appointment just after 4pm on Friday 28th Sept. Took 26mins to get through. Then got cut off, tried ringing again whilst my husband drove me to the surgery. We live over 3miles & it was quicker to drive than wait. The lady on reception was quicker. Not a good customer service experience!
- Anonymous on 02/11/2018
Jenny is fantastic, caring & amazing
- Anonymous on 02/11/2018
confusing to book an appointment, I understand that people may be stress but theres no need to be so rude & blunt
- Anonymous on 02/11/2018
Cheryl (nurse) - wonderful can't thank enough!
- Anonymous on 02/11/2018