Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 422
Likely 51
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 11
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 3
Don't Know 3

What you had to tell us

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My GP is a good listener. She notices things, I like her very much indeed.
- Anonymous on 28/03/2019
Seeing a Dr is a simple painless process. The administration is efficient and all the team are very helpful. Ignoring the circumstances, it is a pleasure to visit.
- Anonymous on 27/03/2019
Fantastic care from helpful Doctors and support staff.
- Anonymous on 26/03/2019
Excellent service and attitude
- Anonymous on 26/03/2019
GP: Dr Longfield was so thorough, considerate,professional and kind with me this morning with an acute condition. Thank you so much. The receptionist this morning heard in my voice I was in distress and allowed me exceptional circumstances for booking an open surgery appointment. Unfortunately I didn’t catch her name but she also showed professionalism, kindness and consideration. Again thank you so much.
- Anonymous on 21/03/2019