Family & Friends Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 320
Likely 101
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 11
Unlikely 75
Extremely Unlikely 13
Don't Know 54

What you had to tell us

We asked... "Can you tell us why you gave that response?"

Ease of booking appointments, professional service, pleasing environment
- Anonymous on 17/03/2015
We have always had the best care and support from this practice which we have belonged to for over 35 years and in that time we have had just 4 doctors. So they have got to know us and gone out of their way to give extra special care and support.
- Anonymous on 10/03/2015
Always an excellent, polite and professional service - this surgery has restored my faith in the NHS
- Anonymous on 09/03/2015
The Centre is professional courteous and friendly,from all levels.Appointments are easily accessible with dedicated professionals.Diagnoses are detailed and thorough with proposed remedial action clearly explained in easily understandable language. My family and I are truly blessed to enjoy the support of such a great team.
- Anonymous on 09/03/2015
Excellent, dedicated and thorough service with excellent patient/ practitioner relations.
- Anonymous on 05/03/2015