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Extremely Likely 17
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Neither Likely nor Unlikely 5
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 2
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Very helpful and great staff , always trying to do their best
- Anonymous on 14/03/2015
Such a great practice! All GPs and staff and friendly, professional and helpful. Always accommodating and try to get me an appointment when I need one urgently or at short notice. Thank you!
- Anonymous on 16/02/2015
Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff. Appointment system now clear and comprehensible. Ten years of very satisfactory treatment.
- Anonymous on 16/02/2015
High standard of care, helpful reception staff who always look happy even when their busy. Clean and welcoming health centre
- Anonymous on 10/02/2015
Always been treated with courtesy by doctors and staff.
- Anonymous on 27/01/2015