Friends and Family Dec 2014 - Results

Extremely Likely 92
Likely 18
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 5
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 7
Don't Know 0

What you had to tell us

We asked... "Can you tell us why you gave that response?"

We do not have to wait a long time for appointments and all the staff at the surgery (clerical, administrative, nurses and doctors) are all helpful, friendly, caring, respectful, thoughtful and professional
- Anonymous on 12/05/2015
I have always had exemplary care and treatment from Three Shires Med. Practice. The Practice seems able to to cope with the ever increasing demands on it's services, unlike many we hear of around the country.
- Anonymous on 05/05/2015
Because the employees are friendly and medical staff very efficient
- Anonymous on 25/04/2015
Always helpful and accessible.
- Anonymous on 13/04/2015
Very friendly and helpful staff warm and kind
- Anonymous on 01/04/2015