Friends and Family Survey Drs Patel, Thiryayi & Taylor-Bernard - Results

Extremely Likely 210
Likely 7
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 1
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 4
Don't Know 0

What you had to tell us

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In the time I have been in Dr Patel's practice I have alway received an appointment when required. Reception and nurses are efficient & helpful
- Anonymous on 02/02/2015
Complete trust in the doctors I see Always can rely on help and advice
- Anonymous on 02/02/2015
I really rate the service whereby you can phone to speak to a GP between certain hours - it saves on appointments. The staff have always been matter fact but supportive with it.
- Anonymous on 02/02/2015
- Anonymous on 02/02/2015
- Anonymous on 02/02/2015