Extremely Likely 2135
Likely 1016
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 231
Unlikely 241
Extremely Unlikely 195
Don't Know 45

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The practice is efficient with good Doctors and pleasant receptionists giving an overall friendly practice. Can usually get an appointment or wait for emergency clinic so you can be seen on the day you need to see a Doctor. The practice listens to the patients needs, and try to put them into practice. Well done and thank you.
- Anonymous on 14/01/2017
The doctors are brilliant and the receptionists are very helpful and friendly.
- Anonymous on 02/12/2015
The doctors I see are all very good.
- Anonymous on 02/12/2015
Waited two hours to see someone who offered me no help at all
- Anonymous on 02/12/2015
The nurse and Doctor were happy to answer all my questions and were reasurring and did not behave as though they were rushed ( and did not rush me either.) I felt very well looked after. (coil fit)
- Anonymous on 02/12/2015