Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 253
Likely 40
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 5
Unlikely 6
Extremely Unlikely 7
Don't Know 2

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Dr Boodhun is an extremely approachable & knowledgeable GP who always gives the impression of a genuinely caring person; something which, in my experience, is becoming a more rare trait amongst other health care professionals.
- Anonymous on 07/03/2016
Dr Boodhun
- Anonymous on 04/02/2016
Dr Mirza - polite, slowly takes in all the info given, kind in his responses and reasurring. All patients should feel this way.
- Anonymous on 04/02/2016
Quite happy with our long relationship with this practice.
- Anonymous on 04/02/2016
Polite & helpful reception staff in person or on phone. Appointments can usually be booked in a reasonable time period of waiting & the time span when appts available each day is excellent - including the early & late surgeries now offered Knowledgeable & professional GPs & nursing staff. Extremely satisfied with my GP Dr M. Mirza & the other doctors when my GP is unavailable.
- Anonymous on 04/02/2016