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Dr. Nana is always knowledgeable and helpful.
- Anonymous on 14/10/2023
I was taken hood care, the doctor examined my arm and discussed the problem. I am very satisfied with my visit.
- Anonymous on 14/10/2023
Got face to face appointment with GP on same day that I called. Receptionist asked just enough to recognise that issue was urgent without being intrusive.
- Anonymous on 12/10/2023
I called into the surgery at 8:30am for an appointment and was seen by 11am that morning. Friendly and warm receptionist and was seen by the best doctor. Dr Nana gave me a thorough examination and listened to my concerns about how unwell I’d been. Thank you, you really are an amazing doctor’s surgery.
- Anonymous on 11/10/2023
Well the GP Team support me whenever I experience any symptoms etc. I remember this year I was referred the hospital to see the specialist regarding the related issue I am treated very well at my GP and often call me in or remind me on blood tests.
- Anonymous on 30/09/2023