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Because you can never have a face to face appointment
- Anonymous on 04/07/2022
Each Dr at the surgery is absolutely brilliant, they take time to listen and try to help and solve the problem. They put all patients first. Elderly, disabled, vulnerable they go to there level so they can understand and be very gentle. Nurses are absolutely brilliant they be gentle with patient and re assure there medications and any appointment are going well. Receptionist are kind and understanding and will go extra way to help for any information, appointments, enquiries are sorted. All around they are excellent. Supper proud of my surgery.
- Anonymous on 04/07/2022
Very efficient friendly never had a problem would highly recommend this surgery
- Anonymous on 04/07/2022
Lack of reliable appointments and most over the phone took over a week to get through, when i did was sort maybe a lack of staff or the covid pandemic code of practice being dragged out still or this is the normal thing now as same going on in other people's doctors aswell which is incredibly/increasingly frustrating on both sides at the moment, also to add still waiting on a ring back from a important scan I had which my doctor has been informed too by letter from the hospital but yet to follow-up giving it a week will have to chase up myself totally unprofessional and poor service. Hope it improves going forward in the future.
- Anonymous on 10/06/2022
You never get through on the phone and never get an appointment.
- Anonymous on 30/05/2022