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Patient service staff always helpful on the phone and in reception and very good service from the medical staff.
- Anonymous on 16/04/2024
I just want to feedback on the pharmacist on duty today 5/3 at around 2pm curly hair. I went for the sit and wait. I was sent through to the pharmacy and she was so kind could see I was poorly and just looked after me. So thankyou very much.
- Anonymous on 05/03/2024
You advise us to order prescription via your online system, you can't log in you can't reset up your account,and to top it it off you ask your staff for assistance and all you get is I can send you a link , have you not thought that when you ask for help it's because your patients need help , because of this when I go into hospital Thurs 8th Feb I now have to tall the heart surgeon I have not had my meds since 3nd of Feb . Thanks for your help Not
- Anonymous on 02/02/2024
I find Dr Sanganee very approachable and trustworthy.
- Anonymous on 17/01/2024
New sit and wait system doesn’t work for all. Phone triage surely more effective. Especially for children’s
- Anonymous on 09/01/2024