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The service I have received over the past two to three years has been fantastic. This surgery has made massive improvements.
- Anonymous on 04/01/2024
Asked for a GP call back and got a receptionist relaying information. Therefore my concerns and questions are left unanswered. I requested a second time and the GP refused. This is unacceptable that I could not ask a few questions to ease any concerns I have regarding my 3 year olds infected penis!
- Anonymous on 28/12/2023
Castle Medical Group were sent the results of my CT Scan last Friday morning. I wanted to know the results as soon as possible, given my history of breast cancer. I explained this to Grace on Reception, she informed Dr Addison of my anxiety. He emailed me later that day. I am so grateful to Grace and Dr Addison for their compassion and care, we are so fortunate to have a brilliant practice
- Anonymous on 20/12/2023
Sit and wait with 1 clinician. Waited 2 hours so far. 7 year old with likely chest infection. Breathing problems. The previous system was more effective. Everyone unhappy with child coughing all over. Failing people with children. It seems to keep people happy who don’t want phone calls. Crazy!
- Anonymous on 11/12/2023
A brilliant phlebotomist. Sensible tourniquet, no pinching. Absolutely painless experience with a friendly face. Thankyou Castle, nice choice!
- Anonymous on 07/12/2023