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All the staff who work here are fair, understanding and take the time to listen. I’ve always found the reception staff very approachable and kind. Every doctor and nurse I have come across have always treated me with compassion and dignity and I always trust their judgement. I can always get an appointment when I need one urgently and the app is very useable for non urgent appointments. Thank you
- Anonymous on 05/07/2023
Everyone was lovely to me. Dr Hutchinson was very interested in my health. He changed my meds. I got into see the doctor very quickly.
- Anonymous on 04/07/2023
enjoyed my visit to the nurse. Thank you for a fast Efficient service . Thank you and yes I did celebrate with a bacon sandwich
- Anonymous on 04/07/2023
Amy is wonderful!! She is always punctual, friendly and professional, all rolled into a fabulous health professional . Wish she could be bottled and prescribed. My husband has Alzheimers and skin cancer. Amy has a very light touch when changing his head dressing. Nothing could be improved - well done Castle healthcare .
- Anonymous on 04/07/2023
Polite staff and seen on time
- Anonymous on 21/06/2023