Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 57
Likely 6
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 11
Don't Know 0

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Moved from another surgery and the care is so much better!
- Anonymous on 11/09/2017
The reception staff are truly on the ball which reflects a well run service . The staff ahve gone to a great deal of troouble for my brother who has a Learning Disablity and they are reactive and responsive . Very professonal practice , with a caring apporach to patients , as a former member of the NHS I was astounded at the high level of care and professionalism in what is clearly a very busy practice . Often its the small things that make a big difference.
- Anonymous on 20/08/2017
Excellent and professional service by all the staff
- Anonymous on 06/06/2017
Having used different surgeries previously I noticed a difference immediately. You can see a GP on the same day as you ring up if needed.
- Anonymous on 05/06/2017
I have always been very satisfied with all the staff and have been treated ver well.
- Anonymous on 18/05/2017