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Extremely Likely 22
Likely 6
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 1
Unlikely 4
Extremely Unlikely 4
Don't Know 1

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It is extremely difficult to get an appointment. You can phone in the morning, but the phone is always engaged, or no-one answers it. When you do get through all the appointments have been taken and you have to do the same thing the next day. I have had to go to the GP access centre more times this year because of this. Plus, there have been times when I have turned up early for appointments and ended up being called in late. Yet if patients are late, they are frowned upon!
- Anonymous on 18/06/2015
Because of the previous care received. Also the helpfulness of the practice staff.
- Anonymous on 22/05/2015
Top class caring service provided by all staff. Best practice by a country mile I have ever come across and I have been a patient of 8 other practice`s over the years in different parts of the country.
- Anonymous on 20/05/2015
always a friendly professional & helpful team, thank you
- Anonymous on 14/05/2015
- It's very convenient the fact that you can book appointment in either of the two clinics (Cantilupe and Hampton Dene). - The Hampton Dene walk in clinic is a great idea. - Most of the doctors are very friendly and they treat you with kindness.
- Anonymous on 12/05/2015