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The new Klinik system doesn't work. I tried to book an appointment. I received one phonecall which I missed because I was driving. I then received a message saying that they had tried to contact me 'several times', which was absolutely not true- and to rebook through Klinik- which has since not been accepting any appointment requests. It is not fit for purpose and is making accessing the GP even more difficult than it was before.
- Anonymous on 11/05/2023
I was greeted by a smiling receptionist, which is unusual and very welcome. Very happy with advice given by asthma nurse, Yvonne. I had no idea when I should be using salbutamol - assumed it was only needed if I was wheezing or had breathing problems.I now have a written asthma action plan which is very helpful. Yvonne explained the importance of using seretide regularly and at equally spaced intervals to maximise the benefit.
- Anonymous on 23/08/2022
The way they have dealt with patients and covid vaccinations is amazing. We are all to quick to be negative. I know a lot of people think the receptionists are rude and I will defend this but if they are dealing with idiots with a cold ringing I don’t blame them!
- Anonymous on 08/12/2021
Dr Hussain has been excellent. Her response times have been very quick and her advice and support second to none. I have been quite poorly post surgery and she has got me through this. I would recommend Dr Hussain to anyone for her professionalism, knowledge and wonderful sympathetic caring attitude.
- Anonymous on 19/11/2021
Of all the surgeries i have been part of this was by far the best. Easy to get an appointment, doctors and nurses that actually care. I dont live in Bristol anymore and this is what i miss the most and if i could relocate this surgery to where i am i would.
- Anonymous on 20/03/2021