Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 219
Likely 29
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 10
Unlikely 6
Extremely Unlikely 11
Don't Know 2

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Quick response once I seen practice nurse.
- Anonymous on 15/04/2019
On moving to Sidmouth from Herts 4.4 years ago I was not initially impressed with Sidmouth Surgery, However the improvement over that period has been significant with improved inter-personal skills on reception and easier process of getting an appointment. The opportunity to have a short telephone consultation with a doctor is also very helpful.
- Anonymous on 15/04/2019
Never too much trouble - Go the extra mile
- Anonymous on 15/04/2019
Really helpful in MIU - Lovely nurse
- Anonymous on 15/04/2019
The care I was given last year after been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour the excellant post operative care from Dr Kinder other Doctors,Nurses and even the front desk staff all so compassionate towards me .A special mention to Dr Kindar who’s care was exemplary.
- Anonymous on 18/03/2019