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What you had to tell us

We asked... "If we could change one thing about your care or treatment to improve your experience, what would it be? "

I have always had brilliant treatment from our NHS. I wish more people would praise it and not moan. we would be darn LOST without it. Our Drs and nurses are the best in the world
- Anonymous on 15/02/2016
I would recommend the whole team highly, I owe you my life and sincere thanks for taking such good care of myself and my family, thankyou. Sadly I cannot recommend the patients toilet, it is way over due a facelift, it's tatty, smelly, old fashioned, us patients have worn the loo out, but it cannot be hygienic, go and have a look, it's very poor, always unclean when I go to use it, please change that, just remember, that's the first thing people will see on arrival, it really does let the surgery down.
- Anonymous on 30/04/2015
You are all brilliant! Thank you. M Jones
- Anonymous on 28/04/2015
Easier access to the doctors and emergency appointments the same day. Also more accommodating/helpful receptionists. On a regular basis they are difficult to deal with, they have been rude to me and not caring at all. Their customer service needs improving, clients come/phone the surgery when unwell or in pain and the receptionists are your frontline to the practice and shouldn't make you feel like a burden. I have come off of the phone in tears from their treatment to me in the past. Not all are bad but the majority need some training. Also use the phone don't turn down prescriptions then send a letter only to the client -phone them.
- Anonymous on 19/04/2015
Better availability of some of the GPs
- Anonymous on 19/04/2015