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excellent service from all the staff at Colton Mill. All very friendly, well mannered and go above and beyond to help those who need it.
- Anonymous on 24/07/2021
The doctors are very good if yiu can get the reception to answer the phone. I sent a complaint on this issue and they didn't bother to reply.
- Anonymous on 05/06/2021
Unable to book covid 2nd jab. No online appointments and Unable to get through by phone despite numerous attempts. Don't know what to do now.
- Anonymous on 11/05/2021
We have found your practice very accessible and welcoming during this difficult time. Your staff have been very positive and efficient and we have had no problem accessing a doctor. Your vaccination sessions were well organised and we are truely grateful for having sucjh a good doctors.
- Anonymous on 26/04/2021
my evidence of dealing with the practice is that everyone is always helpful and kind and always does their best to be positive settle my requests
- Anonymous on 07/04/2021