Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 244
Likely 22
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 5
Unlikely 2
Extremely Unlikely 2
Don't Know 2

What you had to tell us

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The staff are friendly and helpful. I can think of no improvements at present. Thank you all for your care, consideration and treating me as an intelligent human being.
- Anonymous on 13/06/2019
change nothing - it works perfectly well
- Anonymous on 13/06/2019
The calling to speak to a doctor is extremely efficient. There is nothing I would change. To you all - thank you for your help and efficiency.
- Anonymous on 13/06/2019
The nurses and doctors are great. The service could be better by making the waiting times a little shorter.
- Anonymous on 13/06/2019
It is always possible to consult with a doctor at short notice and receive excellent advise when doing so. The whole team are always courteous and helpful.
- Anonymous on 24/05/2019