Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 167
Likely 17
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 7
Unlikely 7
Extremely Unlikely 5
Don't Know 2

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I have been a patient at this practice for over 25 years and have always received caring ,courteous service from everyone involved in the care of my parents, myself and my children. I would recommend them to anyone.
- Anonymous on 19/09/2018
Until recently I'd have given a higher rating but I feel the practice a) no longer listens to its patients. In particular office staff seem to fob you off rather than take the time to deal with your query and b)the appointment system is getting worse. Most people, including myself, will make sure they arrive for their appointment on time but I find myself waiting longer and longer in the waiting room. Last time was 40 minutes, and an elderly couple had been waiting over an hour. I appreciate emergencies will occur but this waiting time has persistently got longer and longer. I don't understand why patients have to be moved to the upstairs waiting room when the downstairs waiting room is much larger and much airier (the upstairs room is small and can get very hot and stuffy - not a great place to be sharing with people with colds ans coughs!) The downstairs room also has an electronic notice board which could surely be put to good use to inform us patients of these delays.
- Anonymous on 08/09/2018
I have always received excellent care at this doctors along with availability of appointments
- Anonymous on 28/08/2018
we have always been treated with respect and listened to, any treatment required has been deal with quickly and efficiently. all staff are pleasant and helpful.
- Anonymous on 24/07/2018
Amazing service. Fantastic doctors, helpful reception staff and all supporting staff excellent
- Anonymous on 06/06/2018