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I saw nurse Jane Dilloway today to remove my coil, she was very friendly and could see that I was anxious. She made sure I was okay before proceeding and also during the appointment. I did not hurt, I expected it to be a painful experience but she called me down and reassured me. The appointment was quick. I would just like to say thank you as I had worked myself up to be quite traumatic, but it really was not. Thank you.
- Anonymous on 16/09/2019
Kind GP who listened and helped.
- Anonymous on 07/08/2019
The practice has excellent staff but like everywhere else, they are finding demand far outstrips supply. They are currently trialling a new system for on-the-day appointments which includes a triage system and a call-back from the GP, which I find works well. It is still difficult to get a non-urgent appointment, but the new system should help free up the GPs to do more of these.
- Anonymous on 14/06/2018
Staff are always helpful even under extreme pressure.
- Anonymous on 10/05/2018
Friendly staff with patient's best interests at heart.
- Anonymous on 23/04/2018