Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 29
Likely 7
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 3
Extremely Unlikely 12
Don't Know 3

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Drayton Surgery is a very good surgery, however, we have noticed that since joining Wooton Street, it is more difficult to get an appointment, and waiting times in the surgery are longer.
- Anonymous on 25/09/2017
Despite my moan about appointment times I have always felt that I receive an excellent service from Drayton Surgery. I often hear horror stories from friends about their surgeries and count myself lucky that I know I will be able to see someone in an emergency. There were 2 occasions in the past where myself and my son needed to be seen in an emergency and everyone was so supportive and helpful, we really couldn't have asked for more! These are the times that are important, so I can live with waiting for non-emergency treatment.
- Anonymous on 04/06/2017
Always such a nice surgery, would hate to see different doctors now
- Anonymous on 03/09/2015
Able to be seen
- Anonymous on 12/08/2015
I have always been treated with courtesy and consideration by all members of the team.' Without fail a same day' appointment has always been made available if requested and whilst there maybe a short wait involved, we are so fortunate as clients of Drayton Surgery and indeed as users of the NHS to have such a service available.
- Anonymous on 12/08/2015