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satisfied with treatment so far, after 12 months association
- Anonymous on 29/08/2016
Because I think all things considered and our own personal High demand for medical help, both my husband ans I have been seen and treated very well and often very quickly. I do not know what else you can do to meet the needs that are set before you daily. I would also like to congratulate your staff on their courtesy and kindness/
- Anonymous on 12/03/2016
On the whole I have received good care/service from the FMG. There have been a few hiccups along the way but these I have now put behind me. I try not to be too judgmental because doctors and nurses are all doing their best and are only human. Like most patients I tend toward a particular doctor and always try to see that one. I also have a couple of 'back up' ones just in case. There are 2 things I would draw the line at, dismiss attitudes and/or lack of training for the task in hand.. So far so good at FMG.
- Anonymous on 14/05/2015