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Extremely Likely 55
Likely 33
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 4
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 6
Don't Know 1

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The facilities are always clean and tidy. The receptionists are efficient and polite. The open Tuesdays when we can bring our babies without appointments. Even the waiting area is much better that the other GP practices I have been to.
- Anonymous on 03/06/2015
Reception staff are always friendly and try their best to help. GPs take time to listen and provide suitable recommendations. Electronic access is fantastic.
- Anonymous on 03/06/2015
It's a great surgey!
- Anonymous on 03/06/2015
Very happy with the way this GP practice is run, thank you
- Anonymous on 03/06/2015
It's the best surgery in town 5*s
- Anonymous on 03/06/2015