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Extremely Likely 72
Likely 34
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 25
Unlikely 17
Extremely Unlikely 52
Don't Know 3

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Been under this surgery for 30 years never had a problem with staff or gps always helpful and polite
- Anonymous on 08/07/2015
dr haider has been the best thing to ever happen to us. He cares and listens
- Anonymous on 14/04/2015
I have had exceptional care from my new GP, Dr A I am not a frequent user, thank goodness, and work in healthcare myself so fully understand the pressures. I never felt rushed and felt that she really did care about her patients.
- Anonymous on 23/03/2015
I went to see Dr.Haider to get the results of blood tests, he also took my blood pressure and pulse and found a problem, I was given a ECG in surgery and referred to the PRUH for further ECG the next day, I was admitted to the cardiac care unit, monitored and the following day fitted with a pacemaker and released the next day. I have noticed Dr Haider takes an interest and gives good care I am sure this is the same with all his patients. He also follows up and gives good aftercare. Couldn't wish for better. Martyn Deakin
- Anonymous on 18/02/2015