Friends and Family Test February 2020 - Results

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I used e consult when I had protracted earache and, within a few hours, I was able to see a nurse practitioner and receive a spray for an outer ear infection. Staff were friendly and professional and I was pleased with the treatment I received.
- Anonymous on 09/03/2020
Receptionists are very helpful. Sister Caroline is super helpful and friendly.
- Anonymous on 05/03/2020
The time given to me and advice was excellent.The receptionist was very kind and helpful.
- Anonymous on 05/03/2020
Friendly and helpful advice and treatment. I was pleased to get an appointment when I felt I needed one and had bloods taken at the same time. Helpful and reassuring.
- Anonymous on 25/02/2020
Still have a long telephone wait to get an appointment. Once you get to see a nurse or doctor, service is excellent, nothing too much trouble.
- Anonymous on 24/02/2020