Friends and Family Survey 2019-20 - Results

Extremely Likely 37
Likely 0
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 1
Don't Know 0

What you had to tell us

We asked... "Can you tell us why you gave that response?"

very efficient and all very caring. best surgery I have known. Thanks
- Anonymous on 09/12/2019
Always there when needed
- Anonymous on 30/10/2019
a great Practice made even better by the fantastic reception staff. Always so helpful and cheerful, nothing is too much trouble
- Anonymous on 30/10/2019
Brampton Surgery are amazing. Receptionstaff always lovely and helpful. Doctors and nurses very kind and caring and I will never forget the care to my partner when and before he passed away
- Anonymous on 26/09/2019
Excellent service - always smiling service - who needs more!
- Anonymous on 05/09/2019