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Likely 2
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
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reception & Medical Staff always been helpful & professional
- Anonymous on 28/03/2019
excellent Service & care provided with every attempt made to get you a Drs appointment when you ring up for help.
- Anonymous on 28/03/2019
I find the staff, doctors very accommodating, always try to assist and have gone out of their way to re-arrange appointments to suit. Very helpful and efficient, compared to a lot of other GP surgeries. We are very lucky to have a good surgery.
- Anonymous on 27/03/2019
Able to make appointments easily. Efficient service. Caring professional staff. No problems.
- Anonymous on 13/03/2019
Recently registered here and very happy with my new GP Dr Barnes. All staff are helpful and polite.
- Anonymous on 13/03/2019