Friends and Family Test March 2019 - Results

Extremely Likely 4
Likely 1
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
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Extremely Unlikely 1
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8am call - was able to get an appointment and amendment on same day to later time. good helpful reception area. Note that appointments by the phone are for the day only. IVR lets you know when waiting how long in the queue. Well located by car park.
- Anonymous on 01/04/2019
First time I've had an appointment with Dr Steit, hope it's not the last! Efficient! Friendly! Listens! First class in all aspects
- Anonymous on 01/04/2019
Dr Thompson is the best doctor I have ever seen. She takes care and time for me and always has been easy to talk to.
- Anonymous on 01/04/2019
Wendy took my bloods quickly and almost painlessly. I know it doesn't sound much but usually they try 2-3 times. Thank you Wendy
- Anonymous on 01/04/2019