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Extremely Likely 34
Likely 11
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 3
Unlikely 12
Extremely Unlikely 10
Don't Know 1

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Very friendly and helpful staff
- Anonymous on 22/11/2018
Because your appointment system is not fair for people who are working full time or if you are ill. How do you expect people to stand outside in the cold feeling ill or worse in pain then arrive at the desk to be told all the appointments have gone !! this happened to me. I was distressed and tearful, and felt so ill. No compassion.
- Anonymous on 19/11/2018
Dr Zayeed is a credit to this practice. He has a natural empathic nature. He is thorough in his work.
- Anonymous on 27/09/2018
Been told nearly a 5 week wait for an appointment. People could doe before you actually see a doctor
- Anonymous on 23/08/2018
Can never get an appointment and have to que outside in all weathers even if you are old young, ill or sick just to see a gp you can’t even speak to a gp over the phone . You could be dying and still have to wait outside in a que to get appointment. Elderly people just cannot que not fair.
- Anonymous on 01/08/2018