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I speak to many people who don't see the same Doctor or Midwife from visit to visit. It's rare that I see anyone other than my regular Doctor, so for that reason I would recommend this surgery.
- Anonymous on 06/03/2019
Very difficult to get an appointment. No email address to contact the surgery to raise a complaint regarding this. Overall impression is that you do not want to help your patients or listen to their complaints when you are getting it wrong.
- Anonymous on 21/02/2019
Because of getting an appointment is extremely difficult. The surgery explains that you can make an appointment between 8:30 and 10:30 with a walk-in and wait. The only people that can get there are elderly people or people with no other dependents. The only reason I was able to get an appointment today was because my husband worked from home and took my daughter to school whilst I waited at 8:30 with my son at the Loose surgery. I had tried on Monday at 8:59 after dropping my daughter at school and all the appointments had gone! Today two mums with toddlers came in wanting to see a doctor and was told no more appointments, had to come back and wait the following day. The receptionist said ‘people start queuing at 8 o’clock’. Do they not realise how difficult that is, I should have told those poor mums to go to A&E!!
- Anonymous on 06/02/2019
Doctors are great!
- Anonymous on 02/02/2019
Care is good, but too many patients
- Anonymous on 24/01/2019