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i do understand its hard to see all patients in a day but not having appointment available for over month. makes people not go to the doctors so they continue become sicker. i also understand you have walk-in appointments in most morning but sadly alot of people start work at 8.30 so you can't make, don't get me wrong going to a pharmacy the have alot of knowledge but they can not write you a prescription if one is needed
- Anonymous on 07/07/2019
Helpful, knowledgable, friendly and professional reception. Professional and caring medical team.
- Anonymous on 03/05/2019
Difficult to get an appointment - hard to get through on the phone, web appointment service rarely has any appointments with my GP and when it does they are at least one or two months ahead. Appointments have been cancelled in the past and I have not been notified. Difficult to book with a female doctor when not my own GP. Issues often dismissed without any change in treatment or help with the problem. Always a long queue for emergency appointments, only first thing in the morning which is a problem if you are unwell and can't stand outside from 8am for a long wait when doors don't open until 8:30 and the first appointment with the doctor isn't until 9am. There needs to be something in the afternoon as well for emergencies. Repeat prescription often not available online. Availability of non-emergency appointments for patients that work outside of Maidstone - I struggle to get time off work for doctors appointments and can't get back before the surgery closes. I also can't get an early appointment and still get to work on time as I have over an hour's commute.
- Anonymous on 01/05/2019
I'm an NHS domestic. I need to bring my cleaning trolley in and clean the walls in waiting area
- Anonymous on 25/04/2019
Because it is so very difficult to get appointments even if urgent. There just are not enough doctors.
- Anonymous on 18/04/2019