Friends and family test - Results

Extremely Likely 178
Likely 65
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 12
Unlikely 2
Extremely Unlikely 3
Don't Know 5

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The standard of care is very high and the clinicians are genuinely committed to giving a high quality and compassionate service.
- Anonymous on 12/11/2019
The staff at the surgery are always willing to help. The GP has very promptly made a referral to a specialist to ensure I have received the most appropriate care by the most appropriate person. The secretary was also very understanding and supportive and went away to chase information and liaise with the GP and updated me by telephone as promised. Excellent surgery despite being under immense pressure with increasing demand.
- Anonymous on 12/11/2019
My family and i have always received excellent care from the staff at this surgery. I think the emergency clinic held late mornings is a god send especially as we have a toddler who is always picking something up and quite often needs seeing quickly. Also, i received a letter from the surgery recently reminding me of my yearly blood test ...i just want to say that this is an excellent idea and it prompted me to book an appointment.
- Anonymous on 12/11/2019
All the staff who work here are kind, efficient and caring, this includes all the receptionists as well as doctors and nurses. If ever I have needed an emergency appointment I have never not been seen the same day. I've been through breast cancer and acute anxiety and have been treated with such kindness, understanding and sympathy.
- Anonymous on 12/11/2019
So happy with the Doctors & Nurses Ive had to see and that one can quickly and easily find test results & make appointments online. Though there’s often a wait to get an appointment with a specific doctor, I’ve been able to get an ‘on the day’ appointment with whoever is available when absolutely necessary.
- Anonymous on 12/11/2019