Friends and Family Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 33
Likely 0
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 5
Extremely Unlikely 3
Don't Know 0

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Not being able to see a frickin doctor, having to wait, and tell receptionist what your "symptoms"are (Not really wanting too!) Having to see others before, eg nurse etc. Waiting for ages! Twice now had to wait (Once 1 hour) Really not happy to be honest!
- Anonymous on 20/10/2016
First class discussion and consultation with Nurse. Knowledge and positive explaining medications I have been using for years. Best explanation of use and effect ever.
- Anonymous on 23/09/2016
I think the standard of care provided is excellent, particularly in view of the financial cuts and pressures currently felt in all areas of the NHS. I come from just outside the Greater London area and the care provided here is far superior.
- Anonymous on 08/07/2016