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Never had any problems with appointments or prescriptions in 25years. pleasant drs whoare always happy to help
- Anonymous on 23/09/2015
You have set up a website where patients can book appointments. However, only SOME appointments are put on the website. There are no early morning or late night appointments available for booking on the website for people who work. This means that people who work have to phone the surgery to make an early morning or late night appointment. It is not always possible to make phone calls during working hours and is definitely not possible while travelling to and from work. How does this system help people who work - or are they not supposed to visit the doctors.
- Anonymous on 18/06/2015
It is extremely difficult for people who work to get an appointment on the day they need it as if you don't phone at 8.00 am exactly and have to redial on average over 100 times you cannot get an appointment. Most people who work are travelling to work at that time. Most people who work need the appointment but don't want to have to phone in sick!
- Anonymous on 18/06/2015
I'm always happy with my treatment
- Anonymous on 29/05/2015
People are nice and polite. I've been able to see my GP in a reasonable time.
- Anonymous on 20/04/2015