Fairlands Practice Annual Patient Survey 2017

Q1. When did you last use our services at the Practice?


Q2. What was the purpose of your most recent contact with the surgery?


Q3. How helpful do you find the receptionists at your GP practice?


Q4. How easy was it to get through to someone at your GP practice on the phone?


Q5. When you last contacted the practice via the telephone, what time of the day did you phone?


Q6. How long did it take for someone to answer your call?


Q7. How clear was the automated telephone system?


Q8. If you have requested your repeat prescriptions via the practice website, how easy did you find this?


Q9. How important is it to you to be able to book appointments ahead of time in you r practice?


Q10. How easy is it to book ahead in your practice?


Q11. How do you normally book your appointments at your practice? (please tick all boxes that apply)


Q12. How easy is it to speak to a doctor or nurse on the phone at your GP practice?


Q13. If you need to see a GP urgently, have you been able to do so?


Q14. If you were not offered an appointment within two working days, what was the reason given?


Q15. When did you last see a doctor at the practice?


Q16. Is there a particular GP you usually prefer to see or speak to?


Q17. How often do you see or speak to the GP you prefer


Q18. How quickly do you usually get seen?


Q19. How do you rate how quickly you were seen?


Thinking of times when you are willing to see any doctor:

Q20. How quickly do you usually get seen?


Q21. How do you rate how quickly you were seen?


Thinking of your last consultation with a doctor:

Q22. How long did you wait for your consultation to start?


How good was the GP at:

Q23. Being polite and considerate?


Q24. Listening to you?


Q25. Giving you enough time?


Q26. Assessing your symptoms and medical condition?


Q27. At your last routine appointment with a doctor, how many minutes did the doctor spend with you?


How good was the GP at:

Q28. Explaining your condition and treatment?


Q29. Involving you in decisions about your care?


Q30. Providing or arranging treatment for you?


Q31. Would you be completely happy to see this GP again?


Nurse Practitioner

Q32. The practice is now employing a nurse practitioner. Have you found this extra service useful?


Q33. Has the presence of a nurse practitioner improved the appointment service?


Thinking about the Practice Nurses:

Q34. When did you last see a nurse at the practice?


Q35. In general, how long does it take you to see a nurse at the surgery?


Q36. How long on average do you wait to see the practice nurse after your appointment time?


How good was the nurse you last saw at:

Q37. Listening to you?


Q38. Explaining your tests and treatments?


Q39. Involving you in decisions about your care?


Q40. Providing or arranging treatment for you?


Q41. Is your GP practice currently open at times that are convenient to you?


Q42. Which of the following additional opening hours would make it easier for you to see or speak to someone (please tick all boxes that apply)


Q43. Are you aware of the Woking NHS "Walk-in" Centre?


Q44. Have you used this service?


Q45. Would you use this service for acute and minor illnesses instead of coming to the Fairlands Practice?


Thinking about the care you get from your doctors and nurses overall, how well does the practice help you to:

Q46. Understand your health problems?


Q47. Cope with your health problems?


Q48. Keep yourself healthy?


Q49. If you are disabled, has the practice helped with your disability, no matter what it is?


Q50. Overall, how would you describe your experience of your GP surgery?


Q51. How would you rate the practice premises?


Q52. How likely are you to recommend your GP surgery to friends and family if they need similar care or treatment?


It will help us to understand your answers if you could tell us a little bit about yourself:

Q53. Are you?



Q55. What is your ethnic group?


Q56. Which of the following best describes your religion?


Q57. In general, would you say your health is?


Q58. Do you have a long-standing health condition?


Q59. Are you the main carer for someone with a long-term health problem or disability in your household?


Q60. Which of the following best describes your employment status?


Q61. Should patients failing to turn up for a booked appointment without good reason be warned formally by the Practice?


Q62. Do you know who to contact if you have a complaint about the practice?


Q63. Are you aware of the Fairlands Practice Patient Participation Group? (Fairlands Practice PPG)


Q64. Are you aware of what the above group does?


Q65. Educational seminars have been held recently, the last three covering Diabetes, Dementia and Minor Illnesses. Would you consider attending a similar event?


Finally, if you have any comments, please write in the box below.