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Patient Survey 2016

Which age group do you fall into?


What is your gender?


How do you normally book your appointments to see a doctor or nurse here?


Are you aware that you can access your medical record online to view your record, view results, order repeat prescriptions, make and cancel appointments?


In April 2016 we introduced a new GP appointments system, enabling patients to have a same-day appointment with the GP of their choice, or when that GP is next in the surgery, with the option of having a consultation with any of our doctors on the day they call. The appointments are telephone consultations initially and the GP makes the patient an appointmetns to come to the surgery if this is needed, or the patient's preference, later the same day or on a future date. If you have used this new system, what are your views?


Thinking about the last time you saw a doctor or nurse at the surgery, how would you rate the following on a basis of - to 5, 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent


Our Nursing Team specialises in monitoring patients with long term conditions. In many cases it is more appropriate for patients to see a nurse rather than a GP. What is your response?


Overall how satisfied at you with the service you receive from the Practice as a whole?


The Acorn Patient Participation Group (PPG) was set up in 2008 and has a Committee whose role it is to represent all our registered patients. It was renamed in 2013 as The Acorn Patient Team. How aware are you of the work of the Patient Team?


The Acorn Patient Team organise a Health Awareness event at least once a year. What do you know about these?


The Practice also has a Patient Reference Group (PRG), a virtual group of patients who are happy to be contacted by email to give views and feedback about ideas or proposed changes.


The Acorn Patient Team produces a joint Newsletter with the Practice at least 3 times a year. What do you know about the Newsletter?


In what ways do you prefer to be contacted by staff at the Surgery?


The Practice has been on social networks for several years. Please indicate your awareness of these and other services listed below.


Please feel free to offer any comments, observations, suggestions about our service so that we can use this information to make continuous improvements for our patients. Please use the space below. Thank you.

If you would like more information about any of the areas within this survey, please indicate below and leave your contact details - your name, email address or phone number.

This survey is now closed