Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 195
Likely 32
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 12
Unlikely 8
Extremely Unlikely 10
Don't Know 2

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I’ve never had ant problems with the surgery or any of the doctors
- Anonymous on 20/03/2018
Lovely doctors who actually listen and are equally perceptive enough to be perceptive about what you might not be able to say. Professional and friendly front of house staff who will do their utmost to be helpful . Nursing and support staff are amazing , efficient and caring and very alert to recommending you for further tests or consultation with a Doctor. Great build . clean , warm environment .
- Anonymous on 19/03/2018
Excellent GPs, nurses and receptionists. Support staff aways endeavour to be helpful and GPs to involve patient in their care and decisions.
- Anonymous on 06/03/2018
Attentive, helpful reception staff. Drs have always been helpful and listen. I feel cared for, thank you
- Anonymous on 11/12/2017
Have always got an appointment when needed and doctors and all the team are friendly and efficient.
- Anonymous on 27/11/2017