Chacewater and Devoran Surgeries Friends and Family Test Version 2 - Results

Extremely Likely 182
Likely 28
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 4
Extremely Unlikely 3
Don't Know 1

What you had to tell us

We asked... "Can you tell us why you gave that response?"

Its so professional, it cares, it has the humility to listen and learn, it communicates and compliments Box 3
- Anonymous on 21/11/2017
Very happy with our Doctors and Nurses at Chacewater. None Better
- Anonymous on 17/11/2017
Because it's very organised and you can get an appointment when necessary
- Anonymous on 17/11/2017
Due to all our needs (and the personel in/at the surgery) being completely took care of over the last 12 years
- Anonymous on 17/11/2017
I'm still not sure if the patient is always put first
- Anonymous on 17/11/2017