Friends and Family Test - Results

Extremely Likely 59
Likely 6
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 9
Extremely Unlikely 11
Don't Know 2

What you had to tell us

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Lovely Receptionist and very good nurse
- Anonymous on 03/08/2015
Excellent Staff, always helpful and willing to help out at every opportunity. Thank you
- Anonymous on 16/06/2015
Excellent Service Friendly Staff
- Anonymous on 16/06/2015
Lovely G.P.- always friendly , v.efficient surgery. had app. with Diabetic Nurse for Mum (93) she was amazing and noticed she was out of breath adn made an immediate app with Dr. for next day :)
- Anonymous on 16/06/2015
lovely staff very helpful
- Anonymous on 16/06/2015