Friends and Family Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 1260
Likely 130
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 13
Unlikely 9
Extremely Unlikely 17
Don't Know 1

What you had to tell us

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Extremely helpful. Able to see a doctor if prepared to sit in open surgery. Follow up procedures quickly booked
- Anonymous on 10/04/2018
All positive during last few interactions. I like the text message system
- Anonymous on 21/02/2018
Don't let Dr Sunday go. My wife and I are very impressed and thought he was a lovely man and a gentleman. Thank you for your help
- Anonymous on 21/02/2018
I am really pleased with the treatment & support I have received from Anna & Debbie. They are wonderful !
- Anonymous on 16/01/2018
I like the fact there is no appt system. Dr's are friendly & have time to listen. Wish that the website stated normal days for different Dr's. Like surgery being open from 7/7.30 to sit down and wait. Outside seats would be nice for Mon/Fri to arrive early for those who cannot stand too long.
- Anonymous on 29/11/2017