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What you had to tell us

We asked... "If we could change one thing about your care or treatment to improve your experience, what would it be?"

Nothing - terrific caring service and dispensary! Wow from a holiday maker.
- Anonymous on 31/07/2018
More on line booking availibility
- Anonymous on 30/07/2018
Very well run practice all staff really helpful. Dr's always on hand to advise.
- Anonymous on 16/07/2018
I am a live in carer working in the UK. Because of the nature of my job I quite often change the places so I use the service of NHS in different parts of England. I like service provided by NHS I have a good experience of it. Last two months I worked in Downderry and I had to contact the surgery in Downderry quite often because of my clients and myself. I must say that your personnel in there is exceptional. The way they treat people is amazing. They are being always helpful and kind, always looking for the best solutions-having a real people centred approach. I am sure that you are aware of it. But I couldn't resist to tell you how impressed I am by your people - their service and attitude, here in Downderry.
- Anonymous on 10/07/2018
I wouldn't change a thing. This surgery is 'THE BEST'. On moving recently I made sure to stay within this surgery's area. I know which side my bread is buttered!
- Anonymous on 09/07/2018